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Asaf Sirkis Time For Space Drum Playalong

Time For Space Drums Play​-​Along by Asaf Sirkis

My teacher, Asaf, has released the instrumental tracks from his recent series’ of YouTube videos as drum playalongs. This is a really cool collection of original music that gives drummers something interesting to play along to.

Time For Space Vol. 1 is not for “comfort playing”. You won’t be able to just stick a track on and play your favourite funk grooves and fills. Each tune needs a dfferent approach to filling the space and playing along to these will encourage drummers to think creatively about how they use the sounds and textures available to them. There is a mix of time signatures and a lot of sonic room in the short compositions. I have been playing along to a few and I find them an interesting challenge.

There are two versions of each composition, one with a click running through and another with just a count-in.

You can get this album on Bandcamp, check it out.

a couple of my favourite performances by Asaf


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