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That Steve Gadd Bloke is Pretty Good

Been trawling YouTube for recordings of songs I need to learn for a new project wot I’m working on and happened upon this version of Billy Strayhorn’s Take The A-Train. I’ve seen the late Michel Petrucciani a couple of times in the past but not with this particular combo. Steve Gadd is just wonderful here, […]

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Great Lesson on The Famous Drum Part For 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

I’ve just discovered Terry Keating, a guy with unlimited energy when it comes to giving drum lessons or talking about drums and cymbals. His Youtube channel, www.youtube.com/user/bonzoleum, with Led Zeppelin related lessons is an amazing resource for people wanting to learn about John Bonham’s drumming. In addition to the Zep stuff, there are several brilliant […]

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