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Manu Chao – As Eclectic As It Gets

I have been listening to Manu Chao for a few years. His music, played with his band Radio Bemba Sound System, is a mixture of many styles including punk, reggae, ska and latin with a splash of gypsy music. The lyrics are equally eclectic being sung in several languages even in the same song. Manu Chao started his musical career as a street performer and the live show reflects this with a relentless energy and a set that doesn’t stop… Read More »Manu Chao – As Eclectic As It Gets

Great Gig With The Apocryphalites

Had immense fun with the Apocryphalites on Saturday night, playing a birthday party. It was the perfect chance to try out some of the stuff I’ve been learning from a couple of great DVDs about Jamaican grooves (wot I plan to write about soon). Thanks to Ed and the band for inviting me to dep with them, in particular Bill and Mrs Bill who were kind enough to give me a lift.

Skamonics Gig

Had a great time playing with the Skamonics who have me sit in when their drummer, Mark, can’t make it. The Skamonics are one of the UKs top Ska function bands playing a mixture of Ska standards and Skanked-up pop tunes. With a top brass section out front, you can’t beat ’em. The band were on top form and the wedding guests had a fab time. It was a good time to try my 13″ DW Collectors Maple snare which… Read More »Skamonics Gig