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Ash Soan’s Reggae Delay Effect

Here’s a quickie – Ash Soan is releasing short videos with little ideas to try out, lots of fun and interesting things. This one demonstrates his way of producing the effect of the delayed cross-stick or hihat sound that is very common on reggae recordings. Ash has an app for Android and Apple gadgets called Drum Hub where you can access more material, it’s worth checking out.

Manu Chao – As Eclectic As It Gets

I have been listening to Manu Chao for a few years. His music, played with his band Radio Bemba Sound System, is a mixture of many styles including punk, reggae, ska and latin with a splash of gypsy music. The lyrics are equally eclectic being sung in several languages even in the same song. Manu Chao started his musical career as a street performer and the live show reflects this with a relentless energy and a set that doesn’t stop… Read More »Manu Chao – As Eclectic As It Gets

An Inappropriate Introduction To Frank Zappa

All this talk of jazz has me thinking about how much I love Frank Zappa. Here is an entirely inappropriate introduction to the great FZ’s work. If you are not already familiar with Zappa’s work, don’t watch the following clip. On drums we have the robust and very focused Chad Wackerman playing something that is almost a reggae. Chad Wackerman taught me the Murray Spivack grip via this video on – To access it requires a paid subscription.… Read More »An Inappropriate Introduction To Frank Zappa