How to play rudiments with a metronome

How To Play Rudiments to A Click

Many beginner drummers (and not-so-beginer too) find it challenging to play to a click. It’s not a natural skill that you either got or you don’t got. It’s a skill you can learn. In this video I explain a methodical approach to developing the ability to play single strokes, double strokes and paradiddles to a metronome that will help you to understand how to synchronise yourself to the click in a confident and relaxed way.

Review of The Backbeater – Musical Tempo Monitoring System

I was extremely flattered to be contacted by the nice lady from Makers4Good the company that produces the Backbeater tempo measuring gadget. They offered to send me one that I could keep in return for me writing a review. Wow! I’ve really made it. Someone wants to know what I think. Of course I agreed to try it out. The Backbeater is fairly useful for measuring your tempo if you’re playing grooves with a steady two and four backbeat but… Read More »Review of The Backbeater – Musical Tempo Monitoring System

Free MP3 Metronome For Your Downloading Pleasure

NOTE: The MP3 metronome was created aeons ago and it seems most of the files have vanished since I made them. I will attempt to fix this and create a new link ASAP. Despite living in a world where you can install apps on your toaster, some of my students don’t have access to such modern miracles. So I whipped up this batch of 5 minute long MP3s with tempos from 60 BPM to 300 BPM in increments of five… Read More »Free MP3 Metronome For Your Downloading Pleasure