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Shameless Plug for A Couple of Cruise Ship Drummer Books

Just a quickie to let you know that the Samba and Bossa book (wot I reviewed in my last post) by the Cruise Ship Drummer is now available in dead tree format. Also the Book of The Blog 2014 is out. It’s a compendium of last year’s posts including stuff on jazz and Afro-Cuban drumming, […]

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Playing From The Foot – Rob Brown Lesson On Tightening Your Groove

Here’s an idea I know about already but I didn’t know I know about it. I play from the foot but I can’t say that I’ve ever articulated this to myself, it’s just something I do that probably relates to playing a lot of funk, or something. Anyway, a great video from Rob Brown explaining […]

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The Royal College of Music Festival of Percussion Part 2

John Riley

So, where was I? Oh yes, John Riley. John Riley’s clinic was, for me, the highlight of the RCM’s Festivl of Percussion. It was a treat to see a talk by the guy who’s book is such an essential part of drumming education. The presentation was at core a walk through the history of the […]

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London Drum Show

Check out the London Drum Show on September 4th and 5th at London’s Olympia: www.londondrumshow.com

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Avoiding Avoidance

Here is an interesting article about not avoiding those challenging things we should be doing (like, er, posting on one’s blog…). “Do you ever dodge your creative work? Say, your practice time arrives, and you race off to do some chore. It might be a chore that you detest, but now it calls to you. […]

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