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Drum Lesson – Pharrell Williams’ Happy

Here’s a video wot I knocked up for a couple of students demonstrating the beat for Pharrell’s Happy which seems to be popular with the kids these days. It looks a lot better than the previous effort due to a lighter environment but I really need to sort out the audio since at the moment […]

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Playing From The Foot – Rob Brown Lesson On Tightening Your Groove

Here’s an idea I know about already but I didn’t know I know about it. I play from the foot but I can’t say that I’ve ever articulated this to myself, it’s just something I do that probably relates to playing a lot of funk, or something. Anyway, a great video from Rob Brown explaining […]

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YouTube – Jim Chapin feels like dancing with the Moeller

I love this video. These exercises are great, I work on them regularly. Try ’em.

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