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Chad Wackerman

Frank Zappa Pops Up and Says Hello

I went through a period in my mid-twenties where the music I most loved became bland and two dimensional. I was listening to mostly be-bop and Western classical music of the Romantic period. Then one day, the groovy noodlings of Messr’s Parker and Gillespie lost their allure and the pomp of Beethoven and Mahler just seemed childish. I was in India at the time and I guess the change of context affected my response to music. And it wasn’t a… Read More »Frank Zappa Pops Up and Says Hello

An Inappropriate Introduction To Frank Zappa

All this talk of jazz has me thinking about how much I love Frank Zappa. Here is an entirely inappropriate introduction to the great FZ’s work. If you are not already familiar with Zappa’s work, don’t watch the following clip. On drums we have the robust and very focused Chad Wackerman playing something that is almost a reggae. Chad Wackerman taught me the Murray Spivack grip via this video on – To access it requires a paid subscription.… Read More »An Inappropriate Introduction To Frank Zappa