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Bossa Nova

Isac Jamba

Isac Jamba Teaches Samba

Check out this wonderful clinic presented by Brazilian drummer Isac Jamba who has come to my attention via YouTube. He offers a really comprehensive introduction to the Brazilian samba drum kit vocabulary and style. Topics covered include fundamental rhythmic patterns, the standard foot ostinato, how to play really fast Samba without your hands falling off, how to apply rudiments, approaching stick grip and stroke (oh those 16ths look so relaxed OMG, 16ths @135bpm! It’s slow hahaha), additional rhythms and on… Read More »Isac Jamba Teaches Samba

Kiko Freitas & Edu Ribeiro

Kiko Freitas Talks To Edu Ribeiro

If I could be like any drummer in the world I think Kiko Freitas is the one I would want to emulate. I’ve been working on the first pages of his recent book – The Brazilian Groove Book. It outlines Kiko’s unique approach to playing Brazilian rhythms on the drumset and provides an in depth study guide to modern Brazilian drumset playing. I saw Kiko playing a couple of years ago at the Union Chapel with Joao Bosco. It was… Read More »Kiko Freitas Talks To Edu Ribeiro