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Configure Zoom Settings For Drum Lessons

These are instructions for setting up your Zoom session to get the optimal sound for your drum lesson.

Click here to skip to instructions for mobile devices.

Desktop Computer

First, find the Audio Settings window by clicking the little arrow by the Mute button at the bottom left of the Zoom application screen:

Next, untick the box that says “Automatically adjust volume”.

Then click the “Advanced” button:

And tick the box by “Shoe in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” and select the options on the three dropdown menus as appears in the picture. Disable “Suppress Persistent Background Noise” and “Suppress Intermittent Background Noise” and leave “Echo cancellation” on Auto.

Finally, quit the Audio Settings window and check that Original Sound is enabled by clicking the button on the top left of the Zoom window.

Mobile Device

Before joining a Zoom meeting, go to the Meeting Settings

Next, make sure the “Use Original Sound” button is switched on

Finally, join the meeting and click the “Enable Original Sound” menu item by tapping on the three dots at the top right of the screen.