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At Home With Hal Blaine

The Knack’s drummer, Bruce Gary famously said that he was never so disappointed as when he discovered that a dozen of his favourite drummers were Hal Blaine. The session legend and, I guess, the world’s most prolific studio drummer was a member of the “Wrecking Crew” who, among other stuff, were responsible for the sound of many Elvis records, Phil Spector’s hits, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, The Mamas & Papas, Simon & Garfunkel, Nancy Sinatra, The Everlys and so… Read More »At Home With Hal Blaine

Collision! Youth Know Something About Music

Check out this brilliant show on Reprezent 107.3 FM, The Voice Of Young London. I’m slightly biased because one of the presenters is a student of mine but these guys are playing a brilliant selection of music from rock classics to funk masterpieces. It’s a perfect playlist for a fuddyduddy like me and inspires some hope that all is not lost for the youth, some of whom seem aware of the pre-Autotune generation of proper music. No untz-untz stuff here.… Read More »Collision! Youth Know Something About Music

What I’m Listening To This Week – Elvin

I have been getting back into jazz lately. I went through a period of only listening to Jazz, mostly bebop. Once I heard Dizzy Gillespie, the rock ‘n’ roll I loved seemed flat and simple. From my late teens until my mid twenties I listened only to jazz. Actually, jazz and some classical music of the Romantic era. I studied Chapin’s legendary book and spent my twenties at Ronnie’s soaking up some of the greatest music on the planet. Then… Read More »What I’m Listening To This Week – Elvin

One of the greatest bands I know

OK, I am being a very slack blogger. Here is a little something to keep things moving – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with the fabulous Steve Ferrone. The story goes that when the band went in to record Wildflowers with Rick Rubin they were looking for a new drummer. They auditioned tons of drummers (yes, we are measured by the ton) at the recording studio. Mr Ferrone showed up and they played through this song. “It’s a take!” said… Read More »One of the greatest bands I know