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Review of The Backbeater – Musical Tempo Monitoring System

I was extremely flattered to be contacted by the nice lady from Makers4Good the company that produces the Backbeater tempo measuring gadget. They offered to send me one that I could keep in return for me writing a review. Wow! I’ve really made it. Someone wants to know what I think. Of course I agreed to try it out. The Backbeater is fairly useful for measuring your tempo if you’re playing grooves with a steady two and four backbeat but… Read More »Review of The Backbeater – Musical Tempo Monitoring System

Drumset For Beginners

“The Drummers’ Guide to Teaching and Learning the Drumset” The first line of this post would be easier to write if I could remember where I first came across this book. Suffice it to say that I read a couple of reviews and in a rare moment of extravagance, I ordered it. Drumset For Beginners by Paul Hose & Jim Farey sets out from the very beginning to put the creativity of the student (and necessarily the teacher) at the… Read More »Drumset For Beginners