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Short Clip of Ralph Salmins With The Anthony Kerr Trio

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to watch Ralph Salmins playing a jazz set with The Anthony Kerr Trio at the Royal College Of Music’s Percussion Festival which takes place annually at the end of June. Any drummer or percussionist would be insane to miss this amazing event which included clinics by Ralph […]

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Modern Drummer Article On Learning Jazz

Here’s an interesting article from Modern Drummer that Jon McCaslin linked to in a recent post on his Four On The Floor blog. It’s a bunch of drummers sharing their thoughts on the benefits in learning to play jazz. These comments made by Marc Dicciani really stuck out: 9. Life skills: We play drums because […]

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Cruise Ship Drummer’s Book of The Blog – 2013 is Here

My copy of Todd Bishop’s latest book-of-the-blog has arrived. His blog, Cruise Ship Drummer (he’s based in Portland, Oregon, despite the .co.uk thing) is a frequently updated stream of drum lessons, transcriptions, music suggestions and bits of drumming related wisdom. Todd’s previous publications include the Book of The Blog –  2011 and the fantastic, almost […]

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Don’t Think!

This is sage advice but not so easy to follow. As a nouveau jazzer, I find myself thinking about everything too much. I get pages of Riley flashing through my head mid-performance. I’m playing in a restaurant so I am thinking about keeping the volume down and thinking about whether the next thing I do […]

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That Steve Gadd Bloke is Pretty Good

Been trawling YouTube for recordings of songs I need to learn for a new project wot I’m working on and happened upon this version of Billy Strayhorn’s Take The A-Train. I’ve seen the late Michel Petrucciani a couple of times in the past but not with this particular combo. Steve Gadd is just wonderful here, […]

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What I’m Listening To This Week

Having worked on the groove on Clutch’s Burning Beard, I got the album, Robot Hive /Exodus. John Paul Gaster is a great funky drummer. Check out 10001110101 for some fabulous groove playing. In a slightly mellower vein, I have been learning Grant Green’s Ease Back with the wonderful Idris Muhammad laying down some very tasty, […]

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What I’m Listening To This Week

I have been getting back into jazz lately. I went through a period of only listening to Jazz, mostly bebop. Once I heard Dizzy Gillespie, the rock ‘n’ roll I loved seemed flat and simple. From my late teens until my mid twenties I listened only to jazz. Actually, jazz and some classical music of […]

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The Wonderful Mike Clark with Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters

Wowie zowie! Check out this wonderful performance from back in the 70’s when music was still good (!) and hair was a serious business. Mike Clark’s drumming is just beautiful. Listen to how he’s locked in with Paul Jackson, the bassist. It’s wild, free and busy as hell yet remains tasteful and economical, no notes […]

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The Fundamentals Of Jazz Part 01

The lovely Andrew Hare of the Melodic Drummer blog demonstrates the Jazz ride cymbal beat with the help of Art Blakey.

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The Melodic Drummer Blog introducing the Jazz Shuffle

Check out this great post about the Shuffle. I recently discovered the Melodic Drummer blog which is heaving with great lessons and exercises to help us develop our Jazz skills. In today’s post we are going to discuss how to play one of my favorite grooves of all time, the shuffle! The best thing you […]

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