Check Out Oded Kafri at The Green Man Festival

One of my regular neighbours at the Mill Hill Music Complex is the multi-talented and slightly mad drummer Oded Kafri, who is an experienced sessioner turned street performer. The idea of playing solo scares the life out of me, a committed sideman so I’m particularly impressed by Oded’s ability and cojones to carry a show on his own.

This week Oded has been working in preparation for his performance at the Green Man Festival in Wales this Saturday where he’s playing an hour-long set. Oded described his performance as being like the Jean Michelle Jarre of drums. I decided to have a nose around his setup while he was taking a break and I was lucky enough to sit in and watch part of the set too.

Oded’s drum kit is augmented by a Roland SPD-SX drum machine/sampler thingy and Ableton live on his laptop with a couple of MIDI controllers which allow him to sample loops in real time and then play along to them. Aside from a drum kit, the setup includes tabla, a darbuka and a xylophone all of which get used to great effect. Although the set uses samples of prerecorded music, there were bits of Police and some Manu Chao as well as some of that new modern stuff the kids are into, the guts of the performance consist of Oded’s insanely energetic kit drumming and the loops he creates on the spot.

I love the way electronics have been used to create a live multitrack performance which has all the excitement and feel of an ensemble of musicians playing.

Anyway, I filmed a couple of clips but the audio was horrendously distorted due to my phone’s ADC not being up to the job of capturing the sound. I’m sticking it up anyway, it’s quite an interesting thing to watch, especially if you’re a bit of a drum geek. If you want to hear, you’ll have to go see the live show…

Check out Oded’s site at or Facebook at

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